Voice Demo

2011-01-01 16:39:12 by 1337Studios

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... for once I have nothing.

YAY! Flash!

2010-12-20 21:58:07 by 1337Studios

Well, hello again.

I'd like to present to you a YouTube exclusive Flash made by me

Just click here

(P.S. Just so you know, any Flash that is part of a series will be posted here, and on YouTube, and miscellanious shit like what's provided in the link above will only be posted on YouTube)

'Sup peeparonis?

2010-11-01 20:46:33 by 1337Studios

Hey people of Newgrounds, I'd like to say hello...

I forgot the password to my old account, and my Hotmail is being mean and won't receive E-Mail...

Oh well, this means I can make a fresh new start, a friend of mine hooked me up with an Adobe Flash CS4, and I just need to get a tablet and then I can work on a test animation, to see if I can get the hang of it.

Any, just thought I'd say "hi"



EDIT: Might make a sprite series to when I have time to kill